Dr. Michael Irving's "Reaching Out"
Child Abuse Monument StoryProject



Survivors' stories or writings that are sent to Dr. Irving by mail, or e-mailed as a jpg file will be placed inside the Monument or you can participate in one of Dr. Irving's StoryProject Workshops.

Writings and artworks from Dr. Irving's StoryProject Workshops will be placed inside a bronze figure of the "Reaching Out" Child Abuse Monument.

You can help create a "Monumental" legacy by letting your HandPrint story join others inside the bronze figures of the "Reaching Out" Child Abuse Monument.

A large space inside the figures allows for the placement of
hand outlines and messages on pieces of paper.

Just draw an outline of your hand on a piece of paper and sign your initials or write a message.

The "Reaching Out" StoryProject HandPrints can be for:

a.) Validation     b.) Acknowledgment     c.) Healing
Thousands of HandPrint drawings by survivors and their supporters have already been contributed. Dr. Irving has also received survivor poetry, journals and some books written by survivors - all with an outline of their hand. Each of these treasures will reside permanently inside a bronze Monument figure. Their energy and messages will serve for centuries as acknowledgment and validation for the adversities faced and victory won.

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Until the Monument is completed Dr. Irving will continue to accept HandPrint Stories
for placement inside the "Reaching Out" Child Abuse Monument.


To contribute a StoryProject HandPrint:

1. Draw an outline of your hand on a piece of 8 1/2" x 11" paper;

2. On or around the outline of your hand, write or draw a message of:

a.) Prevention of abuse;
b.) Support for survivors or
c.) Story telling and healing for yourself;

3. Send your personal "HandPrint Story" for the "Reaching Out" Monument to:

"Reaching Out" Child Abuse Monument
c/o: Dr. Michael C. Irving
274 Rhodes Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M4L 3A3

Or you can scan and e-mail a jpg HandPrint to Dr. Irving.
Please write all the text on your HandPrint
in the body of the e-mail.
Write HandPrint in the subject of the e-mail.

View John Harrison's YouTube video entitled "You can still have your hand print inside the "Reaching Out" Child Abuse Monument in Canada"
A survivor's StoryProject HandPrint
poem mailed to Dr. Irving that will be placed inside the
"Reaching Out" Child Abuse Monument

"Our Silence"
We speak but you refuse to hear.
We speak but you won't believe.

Listen to John Harrison read his poem "Our Silence" that will
be placed inside the "Reaching Out" Child Abuse Monument.

A survivor's book mailed to Dr. Irving that will be placed inside the "Reaching Out" Child Abuse Monument
Whispers From Within: A survivor's
collection of Poetry and Prose
by John Harrison.


March 24, 2010 — This video by a Community Building Class
at Humber College, Lakeshore Campus, Toronto
uses the song "This Moment" by Nic Chagall
featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn


Dr. Irving sponsors free open house StoryProject HandPrint Workshops for survivors and their allies (partners, friends, supporters or therapists). HandPrints, poetry or journaling made in, or brought to, these StoryProject workshops will be placed inside a "Reaching Out" Child Abuse Monument bronze figure. Phone or e-mail Dr. Irving to confirm your attendance and the number of people coming with you. Maximum workshop size 10 people. e-mail mci@irvingstudios.com or phone 416-998-2966.

  Openhouse location
The Carriage House - behind the Monument
274 Rhodes Avenue
Tornonto, M4L 3A3
--Always check workshop calendar on day of openhouse event for before coming--

He's Watching

Mysterious nights went by, slowly unnumbered,
While her innocent body lay in an enchantingly deep slumber.
A monster in the dark lurked about
Conjuring up evil, so for her, there was no way out.
He cast his evil spell that fathomed her soul.
No one was she to tell, when from her innocence he stole.
Thereís nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.
Heís sneering, waiting, and watching.

Sighs of the dawn suddenly appear
and the secrets of the night are profoundly made clear.
King of the giants, with all of their knowledge, could not foresee
the woe, the pain and the misery.
Poison still lingers in the air.
No need to worry, for he is still there.
Heís sneering, waiting, and watching.

The sun begins to shine through the shadowy veil.
Time heals all wounds and life prevails.
The evil of the night no longer hoovers over her breast.
She can sleep without crying and fear is put to rest.
Her beauty is more captivating with each passing day,
Yet, taunting memories still creep in her way.
Heís sneering, waiting, and watching.

Pulled out of dreamland by an overwhelming fright,
Make him stop! Whatís that sound? Iím scared!

Who keeps lurking in the night?
Her trembling heart is silenced by the refuge that is near.
Was it a dream or is he still there?
Her conscience is seared!
She knows he is still there,
Sneering, waiting and watching,

By: Connie Lee/Founder/President of the FACSA Foundation
Springhill, LA.

StoryProject HandPrint scanned as a jpg file and e-mailed to Dr. Michael Irving.


All Rights Reserved, Dr. Michael C. Irving copyright 1991 - 2012