Wednesday Evening Open House for Individuals or Group Studio Visits

Support Activities Developed by:
Michael C. Irving, Ph.D., Sculptor/Coach & Counselor


Find the Sunshine

Go swiftly my inner child;
You have survived.
Find the sunshine that beams down
With all of your pride.

Let the past be honoured;
Your healing has begun.
Once again they have lost;
You have finally won.




I Embrace My Innocence

I have gratitude for the presence
The knowing of self
The stepping forward, nurtured
by all this energy
The knowledge and experience of abuse is
Present but not defining.
The gift of presence in this world
creates freedom in my heart and breath
To move through and beyond
the pain to have hope.
Drawing from this core
I can realize my dream
I can nurture and comfort
I am not barren.
I am not alone.





Precious Things to Me

The soft wind hitting my face
The smell of a forest after a gentle rainfall
The sound of rain in the calm of the night
The sounds of singing birds in the sight of the first light
The touch of the golden sun that’s kissing my cheeks and nose.
The heat of the sand in between my toes
The steps in the sand of someone walking alone
But most of all I’m listening and standing
I’m not alone

These are precious things to me





Open Spaces

Arms reaching forever in a massive shout
The dreams of an innocent child answered
Time slows and the fear sleeps
Together -- endless hope.





When I Was Lost

When I was lost in dark despair
down in the dead of night,
from deep within my soul cried out,
and bitter was the night.
I dreamed I saw a little child
who knew the Way within.
He drew me by his innocence,
so pure, pristine, and good.
When all was dark and I was blind
still he perceived the Light.
He held my hand till I beheld
the beauty, truth, and light.
And when I strayed he waited there
until I found myself.
Stay with me gentle, spirit guide
along the Sacred Way.



Using the Empowerment of CVR
(Creative Visualization and Relaxation)
Light and Sound Technology
to help with Sleep



You Came Back

Then, friend,
I did not help you.
No help
Too scared to move
to see, hear, call out.

And so they killed you
And left me to remember,
Too scared to live.

But you came back,
Held your hand out to me,
Made it safe to tell, and in the telling,
I became alive.



Look, Friend

That was me,
bent in sorrow,
locked in shame,
lost in fear

See how I've grown.
I can hold my self
in the palm of my hand,

Tree and flower honour their felled
with life,
and so can I.

Hand in hand,
we touch the sky


  • Affirmations:
    • - Make a tape of affirmations. Have supportive people add messages for you.
    • - Have a
    • 'Daily Bread Basket" of affirmations to read, hold, carry with you.
    • - Get a book of affirmations and carry it with you.
    • Healing Notebook: Put in affirmations, pictures, messages from friends that remind you that you are safe and not alone. Carry the notebook with you.
    • Lucid Dreaming and Journalling: Use meditative and free writing techniques.
    • Self Talk: Tell yourself something that will remind you that you are okay.
    • Do a positive or nurturing HandPrints spontaneous writing.
    • Write affirmations cards or post-it notes.
    • Journal about hopes and aspirations.
    • Write a letter to yourself from someone who thinks highly of you.
    • With your non-dominant hand, write from your child self.



    • Get into cozy clothes.
    • Get dressed up.
    • Treat your body as you would a child who has been hurt.
    • Cook something nice.
    • Bake bread.
    • Rest in a hot bath.
    • Take an oil or bubble bath.
    • Light a candle or your fireplace.
    • Soothe body memories: use lotion, essential oils, soft fabric on places that hurt.
    • Brush your hair.
    • Rub your feet or hands.
    • Buy yourself flowers or a houseplant.
    • Buy yourself garden plants and plant them.
    • Buy your inner child a colouring book.
    • Have a cup of  tea or hot chocolate.
    • Have iced tea or lemonade.
    • Have a chocolate or other comfort food.
    • Buy something nice for yourself or your house.
    • Brush or pet your cat or dog.
    • Talk to your pets
    • Turn on the radio or play music.
    • Buy a book or magazine.
    • Read a children's book.
    • Read your favourite author or book.




      • Mend clothes.
      • Rearrange your furniture.
      • Decorate a room.
      • Time out: Put thoughts and feelings to the back of your mind.
      • Create containment and set it aside for now.
      • Distract yourself and keep busy.
      • Count to 10.
      • Use breath work.
      • Make and put up a joy list.
      • Play with a small child.
      • Watch a sunset.
      • Go someplace you enjoy.
      • Go somewhere with a friend.
      • Go to a place with a fountain, waterfall, beach, stream, lake or nature trail




    • Blow bubbles.
    • Play cards.
    • Make a collage.
    • Make art work.
    • Sing to your favourite music.
    • Watch a comedy.
    • Make a scrapbook with inspirational and empowering images.
    • Go to a play ground and swing or use the jungle gym.
    • Learn to laugh at yourself.
    • Play hopscotch or dart




    • Get sleep if you need it.
    • Use aromatherapy.
    • Get a facial or a massage.
    • Get reflexology.
    • Eat something good for you.
    • Go for a walk.
    • Do a meditation or relaxation exercises.
    • Listen to what your body needs.
    • Ask yourself if you need to eat.




    • Do yoga, exercise or dance to expressive music.
    • Jog or run.
    • Roller blade.
    • Lift weights.
    • Sing really loud.
    • Run around and play.
    • Toboggan, ride a bike or swim.
    • Clean the house.
    • Clang pots and pans
    • Put on music and play the drums or bongos.
    • Go out and kick a ball.
    • Use a punching bag.
    • Punch a pillow
    • Shake your body: allow the fear, hurt or anger to shake out of your arms and legs.
    • Allow yourself to cry or moan in a safe supportive place.
    • Breath deeply to release heavy pain in the chest.
    • Go somewhere safe and scream.
    • Scream into a pillow.
    • Stamp your feet.
    • Pound with a tube, hose or foam bat.
    • Ring a towel.
    • Swear into the toilet!
    • Use a stress ball.
    • Tear up newspaper, cardboard or a telephone book.
    • Build something with a hammer.
    • Trim the hedge.
    • Throw rocks in the water.
    • Squeeze or pound clay.
    • Have a pillow or marshmallow fight.
    • Have a food fight.


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Coping with stress. Do not disturb!
Are you having a candle light bath or a seance?
Julie Atwood



As a little girl
I felt all alone
in the pain.
My spirit is learning
to love me today.




Embrace the
child within --
she did what
| was necessary
to survive.



Be happy and let others
be happy too!
Be Happy!



Be Stong



everyone of us
can make a difference
we will make it better!



It’s not your fault.



You are so beautiful!
You are so strrong.
You are doing
so many things.
Just believe in yourself
and have fath in God.
We love you!



Hands are made to help
and made to give love!
Your trials will help you
to have patients,
character, hope
– especially in God.



A hand of hope
a hand to help
a hand to heal.
We have survived!
We are stronng.
We are in the light
and our voices sing out!
"Love the child within
so you may love all
Our light touches all
who have been hurt.
With love and hope,



You will be

- Home

*All Rights Reserved
copyright (1991-2012)


*All Rights Reserved
copyright (1991-2012)