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Michael C. Irving, Ph.D., Artistic Director
"Reaching Out Child Abuse Monument"
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Dr. Michael Irving creator of this artistic masterpiece.
This monument is a voice for all children who have been abused.

(3 min., 51 sec.)


A vision that art and cultural activities can bring about meaningful understanding and effect change personally and socially guides the focused determination of Sculptor/Psychotherapist (formerly), Michael C. Irving, Ph.D. Dr. Irving, who has been exhibiting and selling sculpture in a wide variety of mediums for more than 30 years.

His stone and bronze sculptures are in private and corporate collections and have been exhibited internationally.

Dr. Irving has received art project grants from individuals, foundations, government agencies and major corporations. He has won awards in art, community peace building and his work in protecting children. He has published and lectured on art, myth and psychology, been featured in newspapers and magazines and has appeared on radio and television.

The Child Abuse Survivor Monument was conceived by Dr. Irving in 1990. As a collaborative social action arts project he shared the ideas about the design and function of a memorial with other survivors, clinicians and artists for their feedback.

In the fall of 1995 discussions and plans became formalized and a developed project plan was written up. Hundreds of survivors and community volunteers have been actively involved in carrying out the project.

The Sculpting of the Monument plaster and wax versions of the work is completed and the first finished cast bronze figure showed that the work is a masterpiece of contemporary art that has an extraordinary impact on people.

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