Wednesday Evening Open House for Individuals or Group Studio Visits

Michael C. Irving, Ph.D., Artistic Director
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Ken Dryden, hockey goalie and Member of Parliament
speaking on the importance and inspirational value
of the "Reaching Out Child Abuse Monument."

Martin's Hope:
If I can help just one person.
Martin Arnold Kruze


The Monument design reflects
the graceful curves of the adjacent Ontario Hydro and Provincial Administrative buildings.

Direct access to the College
and University subway is
steps away.


Sexual abuse is too heavy for any child to cary through life. GUILT SELENCE SHAME FEAR
Barbara, C.


The Monument is designed for perpetual participation.


Give Kids a Hand Visualizations allow people everywhere to participate.

Reach Out to the broken hearted. Love can heal!

The "Reaching Out Monument was originally designed by Dr. Irving for the North West corner of College and University.
There have been many impressive endorsements for the architectural, aesthetic, city scape, healing, educational and
social appropriateness of this location.
Sarah Hood -- National Post

A Vignette of Two Standing Figures with arms reaching out and upward implies nurture and safety -- victory and celebration -- presence and inclusion. Together the figures measure over 10 feet tall by 30 feet wide.

An Arch, high and wide enough for three people to walk under side by side, is created by the figures’ hands meeting 10 feet above the ground. The figures curved tilt, up and forward, creates a sense of the sculpture embracing the viewer and feel a part of the monument.

Sculpted Quilt Squares, each with some form of “hand” motif, are a major theme of the work and allow the Monument to be truly collaborative. Nearly 200 of these 300 quilt squares were created by survivors of child abuse and their supporters. Each square has a person’s cast hand. Some of the squares are filled with detailed imagery. Others have simple, but poignant forms.

The Hands Reaching Out of the squares create a powerful image, making real the presence of the survivors. Like the names on the Vietnam Memorial, the hands of survivors remove the distance of an unidentified “them.”

Perpetual Participation as a living memorial, is achieved through 22 plain quilt squares on the shawls. Visitors to the site can rest their hands upon the fountain/wall and then place their wet hand on one of the 22 smooth squares. The damp outline of their hand on the smooth bronze will create a temporary HandPrint allowing them to feel they have directly participated in this epic Monument.

Give Kids A Hand Visualizations that will individually and collectively have a real impact on preventing child abuse will be permanently sealed inside the Monument. From coast to coast, tracings of hands on a sheet of paper along with a message are being collected for inclusion inside the Monument.

Voices of the Nation’s Children on the HandPrints by children include many powerful messages. Nicholas age 10 wrote, “I see a time when child abuse is taught in history and is history.” Melanie, age 8, enlightens, “If child abuse won’t stop, war won’t stop, and there will be no peace in the world.” Hand outlines and messages of children were traced and carved into 72 squares.

The “Reaching Out” Monument will be a voice and an important work of art for generations.


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You are never alone. There is always hope.




Dr. Irving in the studio in front of a massive "Reaching Out" Figure




Awakening to the Possibilities of Joy, David




Jaden, age 5


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