Book I: Through Darkness and Thorns
Chapter II: Soul of a Child

Coming Home

The only person who kept me alive was me
Perhaps I came to this world with so much life and spirit

Perhaps that is what leads my tiny bare feet into streams
And sends me flower picking in the woods
Perhaps that leads me to the beauty in life
I live my childhood days as two people
When I am safe, it is like inside me I open a door
And feed myself with sun, trees, flowers, songs, my dog
And when the shadow of darkness of my father
Comes upon me, the door slams shut and
All that I have gathered from my time in the sun
Stays protected and nurtures me and keeps me alive
At night in the summer, I stand outside alone
Look up into the sky, and silently repeat
Star Bright, Star Light, First Star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight.
(Anyone reading this will know my secret wish)
And finally I think it came true
For I am writing this poem
And all of my treasures are coming home to me
And becoming mine completely.









A page from the Poetry and Quilt Square Books
of The Child Abuse Survivor Monument


*All Rights Reserved
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Bronze Sculpture, Public Art: The Child Abuse Monument Project, Michael C. Irving, Ph.D., Artistic Director. sculptor/artist tsmp701a2