Book I: Through Darkness and Thorns
Chapter II: Soul of a Child

A Blanket of Love
I looked and looked and prayed to the Lord;
What I wanted was unreachable, all I needed was impossible.
Mother’s hands over my shoulders with blanket heavy of love, job, wisdom, that’s all I wanted.
When I looked up among thousands of sparkling stars, I saw one that gave me hope.
I looked and looked and prayed to the Lord, to give me what I wanted, all that I needed.
April 22, 1996 after many, many dark nights of prayer, I was lifted up;
I had mother’s hands over my shoulders, with a blanket heavy of love, care and wisdom.
I was flying among thousands of sparkling stars;
Tears and laughter were all my emotions;
Touching the stars were all my senses.
The Lord was no longer subdued,
His message was loud and clear.
I realized what I wanted was no longer unreachable,
All I needed was no longer impossible.
Among many, many stars, sitting on a magic horse and mother’s hands over my shoulders with a blanket full of love, care and wisdom was the Lord’s way of saying,








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